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Organizations are struggling to manage complex, cross-functional, and global projects using the traditional methods of meetings, memos, and mail. ViewPoint enables organizations to keep pace with these highly dynamic projects by providing the essential capabilities needed to optimize execution. ViewPoint provides a foundation for content, task, issue, and resource management that is specially designed to provide break-through performance for life science organizations.

The ViewPoint Advantage

  • Orchestrate people, process, and technology point solutions across R&D
  • Reduce time spent collecting information and maximize time acting on it
  • Use document-centric workflows to automate complex professional processes
  • Drive issues to resolution
  • Understand the root causes of issues and their impacts
  • Obtain visibility into the progress of your activities
  • Capture actionable process metrics that define the difference between theory and practice
  • Remove process bottlenecks
  • Apply process management concepts to facilitate highly dynamic projects
  • Configurable and adaptable process management to learn and grow with the organization
  • Integrates with Documentum or use ViewPoint’s built-in content management system