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Accenture is a Diamond-level Sponsor and Registered Service Provider of CDISC

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Clinical Programming

Through extensive technical knowledge and industry-leading CDISC standards expertise, Accenture’s clinical programming professionals produce the submission-compliant deliverables that facilitate swift and efficient agency reviews.  

Accenture’s clinical programming teams are focused on meeting sponsors’ needs through industry-accepted analysis standards.  Our clinical programming professionals produce high quality, submission-compliant analysis datasets, tables, listings and figures to support individual studies and ISS/ISE. 

  • Deep bench strength with a global team of 81 programmers and 15 statisticians.
  • Accenture clinical programmers provide experience in all phases of drug development ranging from pre-clinical, Phase I through Phase IV trials, integrated analyses, Data Monitoring Committees (DMC), regulatory submission activities and support of Publication strategies.

We have the flexibility to support aggressive timelines, project priorities and various business models, and work closely with our clients, facilitating collaborative, proactive communication. Through strong staff continuity and ongoing training, we ensure that our talented professionals work on client projects from start to finish. 

"I feel very connected and in-sync with my Octagon counterparts. They're always there to answer questions whenever they're called upon. We’re not a large pharma company but I feel like we’re treated the same."

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